This group implements the adopted Strategic Conservation Plan and coordinates with MtA2C Lands Protection Committee. Activities include educating interested landowners about conservation issues and working with developers and town boards on open space projects. We also maintain up-to-date maps of Kittery, showing conservation lands and important ecological information.

Membership: Christine Bennett (Acting Chair); Kalle Matso, Rob Nichols, Clayton Smith, David Collins


New land resources cannot be protected without necessary funds for acquisition.  This group develops strategies to expand our financial capacity through fundraising and grant opportunities.

Membership: Bob Sheppard (Chair); Christine Bennett, Will Brewster, Ken Fellows, Faith Harrington


A key need for any organization is to manage its financial health.  This group prepares the annual budget and manages KLT’s ongoing fiscal health and long-range sustainability.

Membership: Bob Sheppard (Chair);  John Fellows, Bill MacDonald, Rob Nichols, Christine Bennett, Clayton Smith

Outreach & Communications

If you’ve attended any of our events, you may have met some of us!  We work to broaden KLT’s presence in the community through events, educational programs, and volunteer engagement. We coordinate programs with the schools to create educational experiences and opportunities to educate the next generation about the value of nature and land conservation, and to engage families through their kids.

Membership: Cyndy Pawlek (Chair); Christine Bennett, Cindy Kuliga, Wendy Pomeroy, Gale Turner, Connie Alesse


One of the organization’s responsibilities is to manage existing KLT properties. Stewardship members create boundary signage, provide annual property inspections, work on trail maintenance and invasive species control.  They maintain regular contact with landowners on easements and coordinate relations with the Town of Kittery with respect to Seapoint Beach.

To get involved or learn more contact:

Membership: Alex Dearborn (Co-Chair), Steve Ostrow (Co-Chair); Brett Fullerton,  Steve Hall, Faith Harrington, Wayne Hennessy, Peter Lamb, Bob Morrison, Mike Murphy, Jerry Robock, Stephanie Robock, Clayton Smith, Gale Turner, Greg Ulrich, Dan Vellucci, Eric Waleryszak

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