Current Efforts

Brave Boat Headwaters (BBH) is Kittery Land Trust’s current conservation effort and its most ambitious one to date. Nestled in the heart of Brave Boat Harbor between Route 103, Bartlett and Payne Roads, BBH is part of the largest block of natural land remaining in Kittery. This 150-acre nature preserve began when KLT bought 60 acres from a developer who had plans for a 27-lot subdivision.  This purchase inspired other landowners to commit to conserving 90 additional acres. When BBH is completed it will be a public preserve for all to enjoy. (more)

Improving Public Access – Getting people onto the land that we have conserved is a priority for KLT. We are currently working to create safe parking at our public preserves along with trails and water crossings that people of all abilities can enjoy.

Kiosks are being developed with trail maps and information about what you may see on the preserve, why it needed to be protected and upcoming land trust activities.



Invasive Species

Some of KLT’s lands are being overrun by non-native species that outcompete the local plants and animals.KLT has an active program to manage these species, such as Glossy Buckthorn, Bittersweet, Barberry and Multiflora Rose.

We are working with Kittery Adult Education, Traip Academy Service Learning Program and regularly hosting  hands-on learning work sessions at our public preserves to minimize the spread of these species in our community.

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