“In wildness lies the preservation of the world” – Henry David Thoreau

KLT promotes environmental literacy and appreciation of the natural world in our community. Our goal is to provide educational and recreational alternatives to our tech-focused culture. The tool we use is what we have always done and are really good at – protecting special natural places in Kittery. This provides the ‘stage’ upon which programs and activities can occur.

KLT’s education program strives to:

  • connect adults to the natural wonder and beauty that surround us in Kittery
  • provide outdoor recreational opportunities to families
  • ensure that today’s children have the environmental literacy necessary to love and care for these lands in the future

People will only care for what they know and love and tomorrow’s stewards of the land are today’s school children.

Land conservation starts in the present with a legal pledge to the future; these lands will remain natural and in the public trust forever. The seeds of future conservation success lie within our youth and our community.

Service Learning – Traip sophomores have completed group projects such as building bridges on Preserves and found individual volunteer opportunities with KLT as part of their service learning curriculum.

Adult Education – Walks, talks and films from local and regional experts on history, biology, landscaping and more.

Outdoor Classrooms – KLT provides the “stage” for Kittery Schools to hands-on experiential learning. Traip Earth Science students are learning the scientific method while gathering data on invasive species.

Merrill Advisor Group- Class of 2017

SAFE Summer Camp & After School Programs – Sand sculptures, vernal pool creatures and stick sculptures are some of the offerings KLT has brought to the Kittery Community Center programs.

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