Why Preserve?

The Mission of the Kittery Land Trust …

is to work creatively with landowners, citizens, the Town of Kittery and neighboring conservation organizations to conserve and steward important natural areas that improve the quality of life in Kittery, now and into the future.


Our region of southern Maine contains the greatest biological diversity in the state and faces some of the greatest threats to its survival. Development pressure is very high. The landscape is changing dramatically and the decisions that are made in the next couple of years will determine what kind of Kittery will remain for the future.

These maps of landuse changes from 1950 to 2000 illustrate how our region has changed from Rural (Green) to low-density residential development (Yellow) in a relatively short time.

KLT seeks to balance this residential development with permanent land protection. Our goal is to provide natural spaces where the children of today can enjoy clean water, fresh air and the peace and beauty of nature with their children and grandchildren. The richness of our environment should be maintained not eliminated.

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